TVR Tuscan SE V8, 1970.
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TVR Tuscan SE V8, 1970.


This car started life in the UK as a RHD 1970 Vixen long wheelbase 4-cilinder car. Later an English owner converted the car to Tuscan specifications and had it road-registered in the UK as a 1970 TVR Tuscan.

In 1993 the car was exported out of the UK into Holland. There it came into the hands of a TVR enthusiast who embarked, after using the car for several years, on a 7-year restoration. This restoration was an absolute ground-up restoration and modification into correct and complete Tuscan SE V8 specifications. The chassis was strengthened and a 289 engine with Hurst shifter were installed. RHD steering was converted into LHD.

Now the car has finished its years long restoration and it is perfect in all details and it is an impressive and very fast performer.
The car presently has a Dutch road-registration and it listed as a 1970 TVR Tuscan. It is in immaculate condition.

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